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Stegenga Concordance

(2nd in a series)​

Thought for the day: Acts 1:1 "The first treatise I made, O Theophilus, concerning all that Jesus began to both do and teach." The word "first" in Greek is proton - thus everything revolves around Jesus in the Book of Acts. "Treatise" in Greek is logon, the beginning teachings about Jesus' image, or how Jesus thinks and acts. "Theophilus" is not a man's name, but a lover of God. The Book of Acts or "Practices" is addressed to all of us who love God. There is much more to tell you about, but we'll do that later on as we continue in these studies.

While reading your Bible you see a word that you would like to know more about. Example: Mt 4:17 "Repent"

You will need to go to an Interlinear Bible and locate the Book, Chapter, and Verse. In this case, it is the Greek word:


Repent ye

Next, you will need to locate the Greek word in a concordance by J. Stegenga (This is the most precise concordance we have found). This concordance shows all the places a particular Greek word is found, regardless of how it is translated into English. Every place meta nous (repent) is found in the Bible is shown, including parts of speech. (Note: where you see Mt 4:17 you will also see this same word is found in Mt 3:2 and Mk 1:15They are all in the imperative mood which means a command.