Panin’s Bible Numerics

Learn About the Numerical Study of the Bible

Bible Students
"Come Let Us Reason Together"

1st in a Series


The most important feature of Panin's Bible Numerics is threefold

  • 1 The Bible reader is able to determine which words and passages are in the original Bible.
  • 2 One is also able to read the full thought or complete context, to best ascertain God's heart and God's mind regarding any subject.
  • 3 The more serious Bible student is able to see God's patterns through Bible Numerics.

God is a counter— He wrote the Book of Numbers!

4 podcasts you can listen

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Show 51

Intro to Bible Greek by using an Interlinear, the Stegenga concordance, and the Panin's numeric Bible.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 51

Show 52

The Panin's Bible and God's number patterns.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 52

Show 53

The Panin's Bible and the number patterns show that the Bible alone is the sacred writing of God's hand.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 53

Show 54

The Panin's Bible showing the numeric design of passages, or contexts, are the full puzzle piece!

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 54