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The most important feature of Panin's Bible Numerics is threefold

  • 1 The Bible reader is able to determine which words and passages are in the original Bible.
  • 2 One is also able to read the full thought or complete context, to best ascertain God's heart and God's mind regarding any subject.
  • 3 The more serious Bible student is able to see God's patterns through Bible Numerics.

4 podcasts you can listen

We have 4 podcasts you can listen to regarding this subject.

Show 51

Intro to Bible Greek by using an Interlinear, the Stegenga concordance, and the Panin's numeric Bible.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 51

Show 53

The Panin's Bible and the number patterns show that the Bible alone is the sacred writing of God's hand.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 53

Show 52

The Panin's Bible and God's number patterns.

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 52

Show 54

The Panin's Bible showing the numeric design of passages, or contexts, are the full puzzle piece!

Come Let Us Reason Together - Show 54

Numeric English New Testament
From the Greek Text

As established by Bible Numerics Edited by Ivan Panin


As of 2005, there were 6,912 languages in the world. Out of all of these, only two have the unique characteristic, where each letter also has a number value. These two are the Bible languages, Greek and Hebrew. In English as in all the remaining, we have separate letters from the numbers. English, for example, has letters and Arabic numbers. Below is a chart that shows the Greek letters and their numeric value:


Did you know that from the time Adam was created until Jesus was born was 3,999 years?


Wow, did you catch that?

Panins Bible Numerics-Alphabet

Another Amazing Fact!

Every letter in the Greek alphabet has two values, a place value and a number value. It is just like the double helix found in each of our individual DNA. Each persons DNA is distinct and different from anyone else's. The Bible has, built into it, a perfect way to prevent counterfeiting, changing, or altering in any way, just like our money.

Did you Know God has the last laugh

The Bible is living and active. As a matter of fact, the Bible is eternally living. 250 years ago Voltair made this statement with a Bible in his hand, "In 100 years, this book will be forgotten." Did you know that 100 years later, on the exactly the same day, the Geneva Bible Society made Voltair's house their headquarters for distributing Bibles. It says in Matthew 24:35 "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away."


Not one word of the Bible will be missing.

Not one word will be added to the Bible

The double numeric system prevents counterfeiting!

The Number 7

After the French revolution, the new government decided that to produce more, they needed to change the 7 day week into a 10 day week. They could get one more day of work out of everyone a month. Well the beasts of burden started to break down. The scientists of that time looked into it and found this out. Every one day in 7 the pulse beats more feebly. And if this cycle is continued for any length of time, man and animal bodies will break down altogether. God is the Creator, God is our designer and commanded man to rest every 7 days for his own good. This 4th commandment was made for man's benefit.

We are going to use the number 7 in the following observations. Stay tuned.

Observation about 7's

The following are only a very few examples of many thousands discovered by Ivan Panin - there are as many as 24 proofs for every passage of Scripture - 100 writers of the Bible, yet with one numeric fabric throughout the Old Testament & New Testament. Conclusion = there is only one author.

On page one, we found out that Jesus was born 3,999 years after God created Adam. Jesus was 33 years old when He died on the cross, which would be 4032 years after Adam's creation. 4032 = (7 x 576)


• Genesis 1:1 - in the English Bible there are 10 words. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
But in the original Hebrew, there are 7 words.

• Genesis 1:1 - there is one verb - created is the Hebrew word "bah-rah" and it's numeric value is 203 = (7x29)

• Genesis 1:1 - there are three nouns - God, Heaven & Earth. The Hebrew words have a combined numeric value of 777 = (7x11)

• Matthew Chapter 1 has 210 words in the original Greek text = (7 x 30)

• Matthew Chapter 1, verses 1-17 lists 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus = (7 x 6)

• Matthew Chapter 1, verses 1-17 has 72 words with a combined number value of 42,364 = (7 x 6052)

• Matthew Chapter 1 verses 1-17 only one country is mentioned in the genealogy of Christ and the number of letters in the Hebrew word for Babylon is (7)

Matthew, Mark, Luke & john in the light of Bible numerics
(The Gospels are written with a definite Plan!)
Genealogies in the Gospels

MATTHEW: Introduces Jesus as, "The King", so the genealogy only needs to start with Abraham.

MARK: Introduces Jesus as "The Servant". Like a server in a restaurant, it's required to do things immediately. The word immediately is found 37 times in Mark, more than all the rest of the New Testament combined. 

LUKE: Introduces Jesus as "The Son of Man", so the genealogy begins with the first man, Adam. (Again, from the year Adam was created until Jesus died on the cross was 4032 yrs = (7 x 576)

JOHN: Introduces Jesus as "The Son of God", so it begins way before Adam, "In the beginning was the Word", and goes on to explain that, the Word = Jesus.

Main Themes & Observations in the four Gospels

MATTHEW: The Kingdom of the heavens is found only in Matthew, everywhere else it is called the kingdom of God. The first thing that Jesus said when He started His ministry is found in Matthew 4:17: "Repent for the Kingdom of the Heavens is at hand." The Trumpet is sounding out "Jesus is King" and Obedience to King Jesus must be learned first.

MARK: In Mark 1:17, Jesus gives His second instructions: follow Me & I will make you fishers of men." Simon Peter and his brother were called as Servants and servants are to do all things immediately or straightway. The word immediately is found 37 times in Mark, more than all the rest of the New Testament combined. Only after we learn obedience to King Jesus, are we able to enter into His service.

LUKE: In Luke 4:17-21, Jesus begins His ministry in Luke with Good News! The genealogy of Jesus in Luke chapter 3 proves that Jesus is the eternal son of man and understands us because He took on our nature and has come to set us free, and heal us. He knows and understands us. After we know Jesus as our King, we enter into His service by preaching the Good News of Jesus' Kingdom.

JOHN: Only after we have learned the lessons in Matthew, Mark and Luke are we able to grow in maturity. Jesus will help us along the way. In John He says 24 times (3 x 8), "Amen, Amen = Nursing Father, I say unto you." Jesus also states 12 times that He is the "I AM = The Self-Existent Life Giver". In Matthew we learn obedience to King Jesus, and then we can become His servants as in Mark, who are able to preach Liberty, proclaimed in Luke, because Jesus, your Father is able to nurture us all along the way.

Panin's bible numerics

ONE, is Unity, Divinity and God, there is only One God! - Deuteronomy 6:4 "Listen Israel; Yahweh our God, Yahweh is One.

TWO, is the number of the testimony, or witness - Revelation 1:5 "Jesus Christ, the faithful witness."

THREE, the Holy Spirit is the third witness - Matthew 18:16 "by the testimony of two or three witnesses, every fact may be established." Two are enough, but the third clinches it and establishes it. Three is Divine completeness, one is necessary for the start, two points set the direction, and three points are necessary for a geometric figure.

FOUR, there was a time in creation when the Elohiym God (God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit) created the world. This was outside Themselves, so 3 + 1 = 4, the world. Revelation 7:1 "After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth restraining the four winds of the earth..." There are also four rivers in Genesis 2 and four world empires in Daniel, etc...

FIVE is the number of the man who was to rule over the world. Man has five written all over him, five fingers, toes and five openings in his head. Now we have the world plus one to rule over the world = man.

SIX is satan's number. Man was given rule over the world, but because of his fall, John 14:30 "I will not talk with you much longer, because the ruler of the world is coming, He has no power over Me."

SEVEN is the number of completeness, and perfection. The Divine God plus the world He created. God plus creation completes everything one can think of and certainly ahead of satan, who is six. Satan was perfect when he was created, but because of pride, tried to be equal to God, and fell as a result. But now there is much more! Seven has a very special significance associated with holiness, perfection, the most holy day of the week Shabbat. Every seven years the land rests and is nor farmed, all debts are forgiven.

EIGHT is the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus, there is a new creation, a new order, and like in music, a new octave, the beginning of a new 7 notes. There was a new creation on the 8th day, the first day of the week, when Jesus was resurrected, which is the beginning of THE NEW TESTAMENT!


One must go on to the New Testament to understand the Old Testament. Jesus explains the hear of the Commandments, the Law and Precepts, in the New Testament. The above is based on, Bible Numerics, by Ivan Panin.