Bible Study Sampler 1

Guide Questions to Help You Better Understand the Scriptures

Bible Students
"Come Let Us Reason Together"


Bible Study Sampler 1

Since we have been created in God's own image - after His own likeness it is important when studying the scriptures to understand how God thinks. If we read the whole context, which is shown by parenthesis in this study, we are more able to see and understand God's thought patterns and to more clearly see the whole picture. The next thing a Bible student needs to do is apply these scriptures to both our physical life and our spiritual life. The Holy Spirit will lead you into God's truth as you read and study these scriptures in the light of the whole context.

The following is a list of six questions you should ask yourself while studying the foundations in order to better understand them. This is the same list Ramon Haas gave to me almost 40 years ago when I first started my search to know God personally. I know that they will help you also in your search for truth.


1. What is the context about?

2. Why did God have it written for me?

3. Where can I apply it to my own spiritual life?

4. When is it necessary to apply it?

5. Who else will be affected when I apply it to me?

6. How can I apply it to myself and fulfill God's purpose for me?


1. What were the conditions at the time of the writings?

2. Why was it necessary to have this context written?

3. Where was the location of those receiving the writing?

4. When was this written?

5. Who was the writer?

6. How did it affect those to whom it was written?