Personal Relations 6

Come unto Me all you Who labor, and are heavy laden, Having a true & close Relationship With God

Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest for your souls. Take My yoke within you and learn from Me.


Personal Relations 6 Rose colored glasses

We are going to continue to take a look at how we can view our brothers when we have the Holy Spirit within and upon.

Come Let Us Reason Together - 278

Please feel free to listen to this AUDIO, and as you do, scroll through all the notes and sketches below, as there will be additional information, not always covered on each radio show.

Rose colored glasses


From the previous scriptures that the Holy Spirit is within us & upon us, we have drawn this diagram:


Preposition-Holy Spirit Within and Upon-1

Next lets visit Romans 5:5:"And hope does not put to shame because the love (agape) of God
has been poured out into our hearts
 through the Holy Spirit who was given to us"



We're going to borrow the last diagram on the bottom right of:​  No. 17 Circumcision of the Heart

Preposition-Holy Spirit Within and Upon-2

Next we'll combine this with the previous diagram:

Preposition-Holy Spirit Within and Upon-3

A further examination of the agape love of God tells us in 1 Peter 4:8: "Above all keep loving one another earnestly since love covers a multitude of sins"


With this is mind, we're going to substitute Rose Colored Glasses as shown below:​

Preposition-Holy Spirit Within and Upon-4