Come Let Us Reason Together

You'll get the most out of your Bible by reading it like you would put together a picture puzzle.

But this puzzle is a child's puzzle, remember, Jesus told us to be like little children.

where do you begin when you start building a puzzle?


Well, you first locate the four corners.
Next all the pieces that have a straight edge.

Once you have built the frame, we call the foundation, slowly you add piece by piece until you have the complete picture.

The puzzle on the left was described to us over 50 years ago when a man of God showed us how to read the Bible.

It started by laying a good foundation. In other words, finding the Chief Cornerstone, which is Jesus, and staying within the framework, found in the Bible.

Search from the book of the LORD, and read; not one of these shall fail; not one shall lack her mate. For My mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them. - Isaiah 34:16

The Holy Spirit is the one that helps put these mate Scriptures together like "puzzle pieces." This subject of putting mate Scriptures together like this is coming up next.

The most effective way to navigate through this site


The contents of this website are arranged in a particular order.

The best method to understand the content is if you start from the beginning and walk through each page in the set order, not jumping ahead.

It has nine main subjects:

  1. Where to Begin
    This section explores the Bible and how it is put together and how we are to keep asking, seeking and knocking to find God's mysteries.
  2. Follow The Trail
    This section introduces the evidence about how God made man perfect in the beginning and how man has gotten himself into a predicament.
  3. Personal Relations
    This section dives into the prepositions (small words that describe our relation with our Father, the Lord) in the New Testament. 
  4. Basic Tools
    This section goes into how to ask investigative questions around the Scriptures as well as Bible tools that we use and examples of how to use them effectively. 
  5. Where did it all Start?
    This section is all about Creation!
  6. Growing Up
    This section takes us into HOW we are to Ask, Seek & Knock and that we grow by continually doing these three actions.
  7. Laying a Foundation
    This section introduces the foundation principles that are listed in the Scriptures and includes downloadable sample PDF's to try out on your own.
  8. Building on the Foundation
    Once we lay a foundation, we are to be careful how we build upon it - this section goes into mans blueprint as well as the temple pattern how they related to one another.
  9. Greek & Hebrew for Beginners
    This section explores the pure languages that are not only living, but show a beautiful numeric tapestry that comes alive.

Again, to get the most out of this site is to start from the beginning and take your time following along with the content and corresponding 25 minute podcast shows.

Puzzle Map