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The previous section on faith was the noun form of the word. This next section is the verb form of the word faith. This means we get to look into accounts where faith was put into action! 

The word faith is of an Anglo Saxon origin meaning "by life." This implies that you believe it so much that it becomes your way of life. It is also interesting that the words obey and yield were also used by the King James translators to convey a truer meaning of faith.

The Greek word for faith (πειθω) is translated in the King James version Bible as:

faith, believe, persuaded, obey, confidence, trust, assured, committed, yield, agreed, having made a friend, enticing

Please note, if you have not started from the beginning of this workbook, I would suggest going back and reviewing step-by-step instructions on how to fill out this workbook. Please click here and read through the beginning principle on repentance.

Reminder on How to investigate

Remember, the word faith comes from the Anglo Saxon origin meaning "by life." So as you read about the accounts of faith in the Bible, you will see that it was a way of life and that it was something being lived out through peoples actions throughout the Bible.

This is the study of only one Greek word, and you'll be comparing apples with apples so to speak.

Like a reporter who is investigating a story, we can ask similar questions while we are reading through the Bible learning about this subject matter concerning faith or believe

We will provide a sample of this using the first time this word faith is used in the Stegenga Concordance so you can have an understanding how this is done.

Acts 18:4 (1-4)

  1. Who is this context about?
  2. What English word is used as "faith" in verse 4?
  3. Who were listening to him speak?
  4. What was Paul doing?
  5. What is the main message?
  6. What is the reason for persuading men in this context?

You can download a copy of this section of faith to your computer, then if you would like, tell me what you came up with. You can email your sheet to me with your conclusions: [email protected].

There is much more going on in the Greek than we care to bring out at this time, but as we go along, you'll see how exact this is and all the facts that you can get out are amazing!

There will be more pages coming, but we'll do them one at a time for now.

Faith 2
Foundation Principle - Faith