Isaiah and Numerics

Isaiah & Numerics Key to the Bible

Hello to all you Bible lovers, the following are some observations about the accuracy of the Bible we use today. I have been receiving phone calls every day this week from listeners in a town that have been hearing the following radio shows you also can listen to. Go to the bottom of this page.

It has come to our attention that there are 66 Books in the Bible, 39 Old Testament Books and 27, New Testament Books. There are also 66 Chapters in the Book of Isaiah, and Lord wiling, we are going to compare the position of these 66 Chapters of Isaiah to those of the 66 Books of the Bible.

Isn't it interesting, that in 1947, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the entire book of Isaiah was found and later carbon dated to be approximately about the time of Christ to as old as, 200 years BC. Isaiah is "the Book" that is a witness to what Books belong in the Bible and their proper order of occurrences. And we have this important witness to the structure of the Bible which dates to the time Jesus was on this earth!


**Occurrences where Isaiah Speaks directly of it's Bible Book Counterparts

(See list of Chapters in Isaiah above)

****Places in Isaiah that coincide directly with passages in the corresponding Books of the Bible. (Please refer to the list above for the proper order of both Old and New Testament Books according to the original manuscripts and as proven by mathematics) Instances of obvious coincidence:

1) Isaiah Chapter 1, which corresponds to the Book of Genesis (See Genesis 19:24 and Isaiah 1:9-10 have the same subject, Sodom and Gomorrah).

2) Isaiah Chapter 66, which corresponds to the Book of Revelation (Revelation Chapters 21 & 22 are devoted to the New Heaven and Earth, as well as in Isaiah 66:22-24.

3) Isaiah Chapter 40, also corresponds to the Book of Matthew, (Isaiah 40:3 is quoted in Matthew 3:3).

4) Isaiah Chapter 52, is coincidental to the Book of Romans, (Isaiah 52:7 is quoted in Romans 10:15 and to top that off Isaiah 52:5 is partially quoted in Romans 2:24).

5) Isaiah Chapter 44 corresponds to the Book of Acts, (Isaiah 44:3 talks about God pouring out His Spirit on Jacob's offspring which is fulfilled in Acts 2:1-4)

6) Isaiah Chapter 27 is coincidental with the original manuscript placement of the Book of Psalms (3 - 9's make 27 and we know that the Psalms are certainly Spiritual), (Isaiah 27:1 talks about punishing Leviathan as Psalms 74:14 also does)

7) Isaiah Chapter 12 which is also occupied in the original manuscripts as the Book of Isaiah, obviously talks about itself - just a little levity!

8) Isaiah Chapter 14 talks about the fall of Lucifer as well as Ezekiel Chapter 28 - What more do we need to say.

The Catholic Bible has added 5 Books in the Old Testament that do not fit into this perfect template that God has given to compare as to authenticity regarding authorship by God the Almighty. The numeric test given by Panin to every Book, and Passage in the Bible, as well as this comparison to the Book of Isaiah, are proof positive that the Bible is the work of only one Author, who is God Himself.

In my daily bible readings, I have found at least 21 Chapters in Isaiah that have direct links to their corresponding Books of the Bible, some are as obvious as the nose on your face, and some are not as obvious, but talking about the same subject. One place, for instance, is found in the Book of Jonah, who went to Nineveh, the capitol of Assyria and the corresponding chapter in Isaiah, No. 19 that talks about the 1,000 year Reign, when their will be a Highway between Israel and Assyria. How neat is that? Please go to the podcasts below and listen to the radio shows regarding this subject.

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