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In the 1940's and 50's

Most church goers had committed at least 400 scripture verses to memory, but today that number might be 1 to 5 that the average Christian has memorized. We will be going out in the next few months into Albuquerque's neighborhoods, and other parts of the US to interview people who say they read the Bible and are Christians. This will be in order to see how many Bible verses that they can quote accurately, from memory, that is. We may be coming to your door next.

God calls the knowledge of Him, His Son Jesus and His Church as well as marriage a great mystery. Please go over the next several examples on this web site we call The Bible Puzzle and so on, to see how we put the Puzzle Pieces of the Bible together to look into God's heart and mind and unlock this great Mystery of knowing the truth.

Please take your time and visit each of the following, in their order on the side menu. We will use this same method that was taught to us by a follower of the Lord, who was a Bible teacher in a well known Bible college. You can explore any subject with this method and come to the knowledge of the truth. God willing, we may soon expand this particular study and at the bottom of each section add some things that have stood out as we combine these Bible Puzzle Pieces together.

Sincerely, Gilbert and his friends​​