Personal Relations 3

Come unto Me all you Who labor, and are heavy laden, Having a true & close Relationship With God

Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest for your souls. Take My yoke within you and learn from Me.


Personal Relations 3 Born up

Relationships are healed if we first take care of our relationship with God.

Come Let Us Reason Together - 275

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Gods Kingdom
Kingdom of this world

​​​​​ Now let's overlay the above example on the tabernacle

The Tabernacle shows where the Kingdom of God & the kingdom of this world divide.

Personal Relations 3 - Temple Overlay

​​​​​ John 3:7 "You must be born Up"

John 14:6 "I Am (Jesus) The Way..."

Psalms 77:13 "Your Way is in The Sanctuary"

The Tabernacle foretold Jesus' death on the cross.

Jesus' obedience to die for us opened the door into God's Kingdom. 

Personal Relations 3 - The Way


Jesus leads the way unto the father
through His death on the cross.

Do you remember what Jesus told His first two, brand new disciples was?

"Change your mind, the way you think, and come follow Me."
All of us are first told to be a student by walking in Jesus’ footsteps.

​​​​​ "The Way"

In Hebrews 8:5 Moses was told by God to build the Tabernacle & all it's furnishings, exactly according to the pattern
God showed him on the Mount.The Tabernacle is a pattern or Roadmap that will take us to God the Father.​