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      Revised May 11, 2015

(of our part of Christ's body)
At the time of Christ, 2,000 years ago, each church was known only by the name of the town in which they were located.  Paul would write simply, "To the church that belongs to God, at Corinth".  Each church was differentiated only by the name of the town  -  there was to be no division

Since there is no division in Christ's Body, we have refrained from giving ourselves a name, other than the fact that some of us live in Albuquerque.  The word church in Greek is ekklesiaa = the called out group.   So to follow the New Testament example, we might be part of the group that belong to God in Albuquerque & maybe you are part of the group in Smyrna, and so on.

If you are part of Christ's body, the true name of your group would more accurately be:
The group that belong's to God in, NAME OF YOUR TOWN,
                                                           goes in here.

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