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  (2nd in a Series)
(revised 7/18/14)
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The most important feature of the Panin's Bible
Numerics is threefold:

     1) The Bible reader is able to determine which
     words and passages are in the original Bible
     2) One is also able to read the full thought
     or complete context, to best ascertain
     God's heart and God's mind regarding any

     3) The more serious Bible student is able to
     see God's patterns through Bible Numerics.

God is a counter - He wrote the Book of Numbers!

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Intro to Bible Greek by using an Interlinear, the Stegenga concordance and the Panin's numeric Bible

The Panin's Bible and God's number patterns

The Panin's Bible and the number patterns show that the Bible, alone, is the sacred writing of God's hand

The Panin's Bible showing the numeric design of passages or contexts (the full puzzle piece)

Personal Relations,

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Looking into The True Meaning of Life!

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